About Me

I’m Aldené, founder and owner of Helena Aldené Atelier, a sustainable slow fashion brand based in Düsseldorf Germany. I was born and grew up in sunny South Africa. Sewing runs in our family. It started with my great grandmother who used to draft patterns straight on the fabric using a piece of chalk and cutting only from feeling. Being surrounded by creativity, I started sewing at a very early age sitting by my mother’s side and learning by watching while she was busy with her sewing projects.

As I got older we used to do fun and creative activities together as a family. My mother, my older sister and myself would often attend patchwork and quilting workshops together. It became my hobby and to this day I am obsessed with patchwork and quilting. For this reason I always try to incorporate these styles into my designs.

I went on to study at university and graduated with a Degree in fashion design in 2013. Afterwards I started my career at one of the top South African fashion designers, Marianne Fassler, where I later became the Production Process Manager and gained 7 years of work experience.

My husband and I made the decision to move to Germany in August 2020 from my home country, South-Africa. Helena Aldené Atelier was founded almost to the date a year later. The idea of creating individual and hand-cut, carefully considered and entirely unique apparel are the basis for my business.

I am committed to a slow fashion approach producing one-of-a-kind designer garments which takes into consideration all aspects of the supply chain. In doing so, I aim to respect people, the environment, and animals. All items are designed and made by myself. More time is spent on the design process, ensuring that each unique piece is quality made.

Founding a small business and being the owner has been a huge learning curve for me. I couldn’t have done this without by husband by my side supporting me every step of the way.

I am very excited to share my process with you.

Thank you for being here and helping me bring my vision to life!

Helena Aldene
Helena Aldene


Helena Aldené Atelier is a Slow Fashion label specializing in detailed, hand-crafted Original Designs. I shy away from over consumerism with the aim to inspire a quality over quantity movement in the fashion industry. My garments are not produced in bulk, ensuring a one-of-a-kind look. We are all individuals, let’s dress like it. Each garment you buy is unique and an identical one will not be produced.

Environmental Awareness

One of the key fundamentals of my business is to minimize or eliminate waste by using every spare piece of off-cut fabric available, using only Naturally sourced fabrics and by repurposing second-hand/vintage accessories and fabrics into my designs. All fabrics are chosen with the environmental impact in mind. Our time on earth is limited, but what we leave behind stays for generations. Thus it falls to all of us to reduce our footprint as much as possible in order to rectify the damage that has already been done to our planet. In a anti- consumerist society, quality above quantity is the mentality we should all strive to adopt. We agree strongly with the slow fashion movement, and believe that magic happens where quality meets sustainability.

Garment Construction

All garments are designed and made in house, no outsourcing is utilised. This ensures the highest possible quality – I take pride in every item I construct. The online store will receive a new batch of items as soon as they are finished, if items are sold out, please keep an eye on the home page and social media platforms where we will inform once new items are available. I also offer made-to-order commissions according your own measurements.